9:00am - Family Worship Service
Kids Worship in the Theater
8:00/10:30am - Bible Study Groups

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KidsCrossing Belle Aire's ministry to children and families!  Our goal is to walk alongside you as you raise your children to "love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might" (Deut. 6).  We believe that as we partner with you in this journey your kids will grow to know, love, and follow Jesus.

KidsCrossing has 4 values that are implemented in everything that we do.

1. WORSHIPPING - We strive to engage children in worship of Jesus.

2. CONNECTING - We desire to connect children to age appropriate Bible studies.  

3. SERVING - We provide opportunities for kids to serve both in the church and in the community. 

4. REACHING - We equip kids to actively share their faith with others. 

I believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ can make a radical difference in your child's life.  I would love for KidsCrossing Children’s Ministry to be the place where your children are engaged with the gospel, and I would love to be a part of the life of your familiy!  Please come and visit us anytime!

 - Derek Ervin, Minister to Children 


Weekly Schedule of Events:

Sunday Mornings:

9:00 am - "The Crossing" Worship for Kids

10:30 am - Children's Bible Study


Wednesday Nights: THE MERGE


Track 1 - 6:15 pm


Bible Drill   OR   Explore Group - Small Groups


Track 2 - 7:00 pm     


Children's Choir   OR   Explore Group - Large Group



There's more!!  Be sure to check out these links for specific information on KidsCrossing activities


Stay Connected:

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